Saturday, April 12, 2008

Things I learned today

  1. Don't think the guy in front of you knows what he's doing
  2. If the guy is actually a girl, she might know, but she's too slow uphill and you have to pass her anyway
  3. It's not about the legs. It's about the neck, the back. Work on those!
  4. Potassium pills work! Or at least, they work for me, and results were absolutely amazing. They gave me a couple these and I took up the scariest hill like I just swallowed Super Goof Goobers. That stuff should be illegal. But seriously, I just realized today how a small thing like lack of electrolytes (of perhaps just of the right kind) can make a huge difference.
  5. Avoid Planet Ultra events. I'm sorry to say, they are (almost all) nice people, well meaning, but the organization was, at best, amateurish. That does not work well with an extreme challenge, set in remote areas with no cell reception. Running out of water before the major and hottest climb of the day simply cannot happen: even if it did, drive fast to the closest supermarket, buy all the water bottle stock, come back. And maybe hire people and volunteers who can give directions and have some idea of the area.
  6. Do not ride a time trial bike in a century, especially something like this. Try something less rigid and with more than one riding position available. If you insist on riding such a bike, try at least to restrain yourself from rushing into the arrival area shouting "my crotch, my crotch!" I'm sorry for the poor crotch-damaged guy, but it was just too funny to hear the painful cry and watching everyone present pretending nothing had happened.

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