Thursday, April 10, 2008


I’m on my way to the first century of the season. This one will also have to count as the one "mountain event" towards my preparation for the Tourmalet, if nothing else because we miss serious mountains around here. More climbing-specific training will follow of course, but this will probably be only mountain event with organization and assistance. I'm aiming relatively low, 100km or 12,000 feet would be an excellent result before bailing out.

More details on Sunday, if I survive of course.

Meanwhile, I’m working on my packing list for a century.
  • Cycling gloves (can't ride without these)
  • Cycling shoes, socks (several, you never know)
  • Helmet, headbands
  • Clothing: variety of jerseys, bibs
  • Vest & rain jacket (the forecast says warm & toasty, but I'll be out pedaling at 7AM, when the sun barely woke up)
  • Arm warmers (easier to pull out that long sleeve anything)
  • Water Bottles (no camelbacks, in spite of what the organization says, I hate riding with them)
  • Food: gels, dried fruit, energy bars (they will be handing these out too, but there's really no substitute for food one is used to).
  • Extra packets of cytomax (again, that’s what I’m used to drink and one does not want to switch the day of the century. I plan to go for water jug only).
  • Cycle computer +Heart rate monitor strap (more than any other day, better to keep things in check).
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Safety ID Tag (to ID the corpse, if need be)
  • Post Event Snack, a few gallons of water, flip flops, some very comfy clothing to wear afterwards
  • Extra tubes, allen wrenches for last minute checks/fixes
  • Floor pump
Undoubtedly, the most important item will come to mind once far enough from home to prevent a double-take. But whatever that is, it'll sure make the list next time!

Hastily added to the list:
  • Map to get to departure
  • Other documents (hotel reservation, proof of registration in the event)
  • Chamois cream
  • Lube (these last two items sound quite hilarious together, so I will specify that the lube is for bicycle chain and parts)
And the last minute duh:
  • One should remember to load the bike, if any riding at all needs to occur!

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