Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top of the Book Chain

TCB gave a great reading today in front of a packed standing place only crowd at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. After a short bio for the benefit of the two or three newbies who might have been in the audience, he read a the Dave Lajoy-Alma confrontation at the Museum of Natural History, an extract from chapter 2 of When the Killing's Done.

He then proceeded to bring down the house with laughter reading the hilarious Top of the Food Chain, a thematically related story (from "Without a Hero" and the book formerly known as "Stories," which allegedly will soon be re-baptized "Stories, Volume 1", and possibly illegally reproduced here).

Q&A included the evergreen "at what time do you write," something all aspiring writers seem to be obsessed with.

Signing followed, and I'm always amazed by our favorite author's kind disposition, sense of humor and overall resilience in the face of assailing crowds.

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