Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bike for sale sold!

Bike for sale sold!
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It's always a little bit of a heartbreak: when a bike goes, however, the memorable rides stay forever. My 2005 Specialized Sequoia was definitely not the glitzy carbon and titanium super light race bike people dream about, but it got me back on the saddle after what I feared would be a permanent partial disability. I dubbed it "Non Sequitur" because I thought it as a foolish buy, and the last road bike I would ever ride. How wrong I was!

In a few months I was riding it for a hundred miles at a time, and it was more than I could ever ask.

After I switched to carbon, it has become my commuter: always reliable but zippy enough to pass the occasional (old tired or lazy) road cyclist. I used it for over a year, three or four thousand commute miles or so,

But good ol' bikes never die: the new owner has big plans, and intents to cross the country with it. Good luck to them, I sure hope Non Sequitur will make the ride across America even more comfy and enjoyable.

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