Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stylish two-wheelers

There seems to be a resurgence of the desire for two-wheel freedom. Fantastically-styled, usually with expensive electrical components. One scary example is the Yike Bike, which seems to owe more to the Segway than to the traditional velocipede:

YikeBike - The world's first super light electric folding bike. | Urban Freedom

The Yike shares the "under-seat" handlebar typical of some high recumbents, which I see dangerously weaving between bikepath lanes in the hands of the less-experienced riders. It might take some practice to ride it in traffic (but in the video this looks like a sidewalk rider, which is probably illegal around here).

Another is the PiCycle (seriously: who comes up with these names?), click below for the quite inept LA Times review:


Really the LA Times could NOT find someone who actually knew anything about bicycles (that "weird" gear shifter is on plenty of bikes!) and would ride one without the silly leather jacket and motorcycle helmet? Or maybe they wanted to show that even the most incompetent rider (in terms of bicycles) might like it? In any case we get little information on some essential details, like use of standard bike parts, cargo load accessories, serviceable batteries and so on. There is more informative material from the maker:

So the good news is, more people are considering two-wheeler alternatives to the car. It might take them a little longer to realize a minimal of physical effort would make their endeavor more fun, much much cheaper, and definitely more environment-friendly!

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