Saturday, July 5, 2008

Le jour avant

Things are not made easier by the news back home. The Gap Fire is lighting up old Goleta, and a mandatory evacuation order is pending for people one block away from my house. The level of anxiety is also not improved by watching a couple of mass crashes in the first stage of the tour in Brittany. Needless to say, stress is not the athlete's best sleeping aid.

The sun has disappeared behind a thick curtain of clouds, and the forecast for tomorrow are uncertain, but mostly bad. Sure, it's nice to avoid the heat while climbing the Tourmalet, but the cold, slippery descent might not compensate for it. After all I train in Sou Cal: when it rains, if it rains at all, we do the easy thing: we stay home!

Everything is ready: bike, clothes, food and supplements. Will I be as ready when the time comes?

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