Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm in!

I checked, and I'm indeed listed among the participants to the Ètape:

Not that there was any doubt, but just in case. It's the classic "I'm not dreaming" pinch of reality. Forty-nine days to the event, as revealed by the classic countdown widget that I added to the blog page.

I', more than a little undecided on what to do next. This week I am still recovering from last Saturday's century so I went for 52 easy miles along the coast. It's getting warmer here, and in two weeks the appointment is with the Ojai Valley Century, that goes from the cool coastline up in the sometimes scorching inland. More prolonged hill climbing is definitely in my near future, and the Ojai Century will definitely have some of that, although on much reduced scale from my ultimate goals.

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