Sunday, April 20, 2008

Recovery week

I considered this past week a recovery time after last saturday's Mulholland Challenge. My efforts were directed simply towards having fun on the bike, low mileage (112) and fun sprints and climbs.

Reminding myself about the fun factor is an essential intermediate stage. I remember last season, feeling exhausted after a horrible century experience, and even hating my bike. Certainly my old bike was a lot easier to hate than my current dream ride. What I tried to do this season is to build up gradually my strength and resistance. I am almost done with my first objective, with over 1500 base miles (almost 2500km). Now the season can begin in earnest.

I have two century events coming up in May, and I will have to add more climbing-specific training. I'm more than a little worried about the long and intense Pyrenees climbs, so I plan to find something equivalent around here, and work on that front. Clearly altitude will be a problem: after sixteen years at sea-level even six thousand feet might feel heavy.

One problem at a time. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying the following yoga routine:

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