Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recovery ride...

The plan for today was a recovery ride, easily spinning away in Heart Rate Zone 3, mostly. Of course, pedaling along my indomitable riding partner GiĆ³ "Turbodiesel" Bellesia, it's rarely an easy spin. Soon enough we were riding down the coast at a moderately strenuous pace (at least that's what my legs said). Fun nonetheless, and this brings my weekly mileage to 141.76. I'm finally starting to spin my wheels.

The organizer of the Etape, Mondovelo, suggests the following as basic preparation to be able at least to finish the feat:
  • 2500 km on the bike
  • 3 events over 150km
  • 1 mountain event
I added a table on this page where I will check off each target, if and when I reach them. And now, back to the kitchen wheee I'll work to find out if Irish corned beef actually helps recovery...

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