Monday, March 17, 2008


This past weekend's rides bring my total weekly mileage to 121.57, 865 miles so far in 2008.
I added a little km counter widget to the sidebar. Kilometers are easy (easier than miles) and using the bicycle every day for transportation helps accumulate the leg mileage. The best part of the day of course is passing the occasional cyclist while commuting.

I'm lucky enough to bike daily the beautiful Obern Trail (see map here), and I challenge anyone in the world to come up with a more stunningly beautiful and fun commute. Not many people are around in the morning, children and dogs are otherwise occupied. Thus, when I finally reach the Obern trail, I give it a little gas to know how my legs are feeling. Today my legs were feeling like jell-o, after the beating in the very short but brutal saturday sprinting.

Luckily enough, a group of lycra-clad 20 somethings boxed me in on the last two miles straightaway, right after a crossroad. They settled down around me, two in front, two behind, chatting away and disturbing the Zen-like atmosphere of well-trued wheels cutting through the morning air. I clearly could not stand for it. I signaled, got out on the passing lane, mashed the pedals with my marshmallow legs, and left them behind. Once I passed them, I could not look back or, even worse, slow down and let them pass me again. I could just keep pedaling. The funny thing is that even with a heavy messenger bag, the more I pedaled the better I felt. At least until I reached the minuscule hill that leads to my workplace. By then, however, my imaginary opponents were just a far spec of colored lycra and carbon fiber. 4 cyclists, half my age, I think that counts at least for 8 points. Onwards!
(Photos from the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition site)

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