Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Up all night

Training did not start very well today. In fact, I did not train at all. I planned to get up early and go practice some low cadence, butt on the saddle hills to build strength. Instead I spent the whole night under the stars with my Leo is sick and quite upsetpoor whining dogintent in fertilizing an area of several blocks around my house. He finally calmed down around five. I went to bed, closed my eyes, and the alarm clock was ringing. Needless to say, the training is postponed to a morning when I can actually feel vaguely rested and not like one of those septic tank cleaning guys at the end of a shift.

Meanwhile I found the detailed elevation charts for the two climbs of the Etape. I think yellow means "steep", blue "really steep", and red is "breathless agony steep":

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